Our Vision

Ismaili Professionals (IPs) anchored in our value systems;
leading the knowledge society in fields of interest;
and serving humanity through expert engagement.

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Leading the knowledge society

Empower members to lead the knowledge society while increasing their commitment to the advancement of humanity through service and expert engagement on a local, national, and global scale. In order to realize its vision and fulfill its purpose, IPN shall:

  • Develop capacity to monitor and share with its members new areas of knowledge
  • Provide a support network to assist members in their quest to be the top performers in their field
  • Promote alliances where members in the same profession, or complementary professions, could come together to create partnerships to explore economic opportunity
  • Mitigate impact from employment shocks by monitoring trends, promoting professional development, and mentoring
  • Promote effective networking and unity among IPs
  • Identify and promote service opportunities for its members within IPN, Jamati and AKDN Institutions, and other service organizations with common ethical values


Exchanging ideas and creating

Examples of potential IPN sponsored activities include:

  • Forums for IPs to exchange views and ideas and to learn from each other professionally
  • Opportunities for members to forge business, professional, and entrepreneurial relationships
  • Content focused seminars and workshops for professional development
  • Encouraging a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility through its activities
  • Facilitating mentorship opportunities for members at various points in their professional careers
  • Providing members with information regarding professional and volunteer opportunities within IPN and other institutions
  • Allocate IPN funds to charitable programs and services


Networking, mentoring, building

The IPN Code of Conduct:

  • IPN members must aspire to serve as leaders and role models, and as such uphold the highest professional and ethical code of conduct

Membership in IPN will be offered in two categories:

  • Professional
  • Student (full-time students; or part-time students with approval)

Membership is open to all IPs who:

  • Reside in the region(s) within the jurisdiction of the appropriate National IPN; membership in IPN USA will be open to IPs residing in the USA
  • Subscribe to and support the principles and objectives of IPN
  • Comply with all policies, rules and regulations of IPN
  • Submit an application with any applicable membership dues and program fees

IPN Events Events

A list of recent and upcoming ipn affiliated events across the world

IPN Finance-SIG Event: Meet & Network with the Executive: Mike Frawley, Vice Chairman, Jefferies Bache
Jul. 18th | New York | US - Northeast | Click for Registration

IPN BootCamp: New Jersey
Aug. 24th-25th | New Jersey | US - Northeast | Click for Registration

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