Frequently asked questions

Registration/Check In

What is IPN LaunchPad?
IPN LaunchPad is a forum for budding Ismaili professionals pursuing new ventures to perfect and pitch their startups. The objective of the weekend program is to bring together 100 select Ismaili startup founders and provide them a chance to engage with peers, mentors, and investors along with world-renowned entrepreneurs that will be presenting at IPN LaunchPad 2016.

Who is IPN LaunchPad for?
Founders: If you are a Founder, whether your startup is early stage or already has VC funding, we would love for you to apply. We just ask that at least one founder is Ismaili and that your company show tangible signs of traction. Startups in all industries are welcome including Social Media, Enterprise, Finance, E-commerce, Healthcare, GreenTech, Social Entrepreneurship, and Hardware. Investors: If you are an accredited Ismaili investor looking to back founders of innovative startups, we would love for you to apply. You can apply as an individual or as a representative on an investment fund.

When will IPN LaunchPad take place?
It is set for Nov 11 – 13, 2016 in Silicon Valley. Venue and hotel details will be provided as part of the registration process to applicants who are accepted.

How do I apply and when is the deadline for applicants within the United States?
For Founder and Investor applicants go to www.IPNLaunchPad.com and fill out the online application. Deadline to apply is August 22, 2016 for all applicants and space is very limited so we encourage Founders and Investors to get their application in as soon as possible.

I am not an investor, nor do I have an idea. Can I attend as a spectator? 
Unfortunately there are no spectator tickets available – the only way to come to IPN LaunchPad is to apply as a founder or investor (or to be invited as a speaker). If you have a startup idea, even if it is early stage, or any interest in coming as an investor – we highly encourage you to apply.

How many spots are available and when will I know if I got in?
There are 100 spots open for Ismaili startup founders (including their non-Ismaili co-founders) and 50 spots open for Ismaili angel investors. Application decisions for both Founders and Investors within the United States will be sent by September 22, 2016.

What is the timeline for applicants outside the United States?
Applications from outside the United States are due by August 22nd, 2016 (extended from the original date of August 7th, 2016) and application decisions for these international Founders and Investors will be sent September 5th, 2016. This allows sufficient time for international applicants to secure visa and make other travel arrangements.

I have co-founder(s), do we each need to complete an application? 
No, only one application per company is neccessary. The application provides sufficient space to provide co-founder information.

What is the cost of attending IPN LaunchPad?
There is no cost to apply. Once accepted, the ticket cost is $200 for Founders and $500 for Investors. Full payment will be required to confirm attendance. This does not include any travel costs such as airfare and hotel. We’ll disclose information about a discounted group rate for the hotels as part of the registration process.

What will the IPN LaunchPad event entail?
IPN LaunchPad will be a 3-day event, where founders will engage with investors and participate in workshops, panels, and networking events. There will be speaker series led by industry leading entrepreneurs and investors, networking sessions with investors and other founders, workshops to provide valuable information to drive new ventures and the venture pitch competition judged by leading startup experts. The detailed agenda is available on www.IPNLaunchPad.com.

Will founders have to give up any equity to attend IPN LaunchPad?
No, founders will not have to give up any equity to attend IPN LaunchPad.

What is the selection process for Founders and Investors?
We strongly encourage anyone with an interest in IPN LaunchPad, regardless of level of experience or traction, to apply. The Founder and Investor applicant selection will be based on a suitability point matrix based on the applicant background and the viability of their venture idea or their viability as an investor. Both the Founder and Investor application is judged by an internal judging committee consisting of startup and investment experts.

The qualities we are looking for in Founder applicants include, but are not limited to:
• Is an Ismaili Professional who has utilized his or her experience to start a venture (at least one co-founder / executive in the startup has to be an Ismaili).
• Is open to potential investment, mentorship, new knowledge and inspiration.
• Has a viable problem / solution fit, a viable market and some unique qualification in addressing the problem that he or she is pursuing full or part-time.
• May have met milestones such as initial product release, customer traction, raising capital, initial revenue and adding team members.
• Is pursuing a venture in any of a wide variety of industries that may or may not use technology as an accelerant.
• Has an idea with high-growth potential and could go on to raise venture capital.
• Has a collaborative mindset in working with other founders.
• Brings geographic diversity to the founder pool.

The qualities we are looking for in Investor applicants include, but are not limited to:
• Is an Ismaili who is an accredited investor.
• Has an interest in high-risk high-reward venture investing.
• Has a collaborative mindset in working with other investors.
• Is willing to be an early adopter in context of Ismaili angel investing.
• Is able to mentor startups with his or her business knowledge.
• Has capacity to invest $25,000 to $250,000 as an individual investor or syndicate.
• Brings geographic diversity to the investor pool.
• May be involved in investment groups or alliances.
• May have previously invested in a startup.
• Can be of any background, from a traditional business owner to a professional angel investor.
• Is open to learning and growing his or her investment knowledge.

Will founders have to give up any equity to attend IPN LaunchPad?
No, founders will not have to give up any equity to attend IPN LaunchPad.

Can I apply to IPN LaunchPad 2016 if I applied to or attended the 2013 or 2014 event?
Yes, absolutely! We would like to get attendees, Founders and Investors, that come back year after year. If you applied in 2013 or 2014 and were not accepted or weren’t able to attend, please do apply again. If you were accepted and attended the 2013 or 2014 event, we highly encourage you to apply again, as well.

Learn more at www.IPNLaunchPad.com. For any questions, Contact Us.